Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The B’Day Gift

{This poem is composed by Mr. Anees Ahmad, a great writer, on the occasion of my Birthday, so I want it to share with you people also. Thnx a lot bhaiya for such a nice gift….}
The clouds went over him,
Hovering on the skies rim;
Filtered rays awestruck the girl,
They moved around her with a swirl;

Not fully round but some deviated,
An oblong feature and highly elevated;
It moved between the moments of her blinking eyelids,
She watched it with her starry eye rids;

It moved further,
She moved further;
The light went over the rosy rose,
And then on the slipping stream and so’s;

The girl asked, why you move,
Sometimes slow and sometimes faster rove;
I wish you to stop,
And let me breath or I will faint n drop;

It’s not me but it’s the cloudy sky,
I assure you, I never lie;
See your ground position, said the optical moon,
And she was on it to see the world soon;

It’s a gift for your B’Day,
The stars made a clock which lay;
The minute and hour hands joined together,
It was a B’Day night and she floated like a feather;

Happy Birthday said he,
The stars surrounded her like glittering wee;
The asteroids and meteorites lighted the sky,
She traveled with the moon with high fly;

The galaxy sung the song of her desire,
They all wished for her long life in choir;
“Happy Birthday you teeny weenie”
“Happy Birthday you teensy weensy”