Friday, March 20, 2009


"Oh Mamma! I can’t be able to crack the interview, as you know the demands of the market conditions, and we don’t have that much money to fill the pockets of those officers.”
We hear these types of traumatic lines everyday; it clearly shows the conditions and frustrations of the peoples who are enduring with the problem of this giant affliction and epidemic. Yeah I am conferring about the enigma of corruption. Corruption hooked up everybody’s life from head to toe and showings its horny effects since ages.
As we all know that corruption is the biggest hurdle in the development of each single individual as well as our country. But even after being aware no one is ready to take a constructive effort to overcome this problem. It is obvious that we can’t curb it overnight but through constant measures gradually we can overcome it.
Recently, I have seen somewhere ‘the principles of 5c’s’, so I think I should have to share with you peoples also.
The very first C is a sense of connectedness. It means bondages or linkages of an individual with the other people of society. But here we lack. If we see at the village level it is less at the village level in comparison to urban areas and the only reason behind it is the weak bondages among the people of urban areas.
The second C is courage. Courage we can take in many aspects. Like an intelligent person by his ability can achieve his goal but he doesn’t have the courage or I can say he doesn’t have confidence in his ability. The fear lying in him to achieve something leads him to the wrong path and the person knowingly involves in corruption.
The third C is an understanding of cosmology. We people compare ourselves with others. We want that “kash mere paas bhi ye hota jo meri friend ke paas ha”. We should have a positive approach for this rather then following wrong approaches.
The fourth is Care and Compassion. The care and compassion are important because these things only bring dedication. If we don’t have dedication or if we lack in it then it causes corruption. The best example of it is any type of religious function or Mela’s like Jumma’s Namaz or you can take the occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi, which are attended by many people without any distraction.
The last C is commitment. It means that if a person has a goal and has a commitment towards it then sometimes this can be shift from taking to giving. If we will think only about gain without thinking what can I contribute to the society, and then the corruption can never be rooted out. We should change our attitude to commit over selves to give.
And lastly I would like to say that we can’t stop it fully as it is in a nature of human being, but yeah we can minimize it through various checks and balance like educating peoples, creating the sense of community by inspiring peoples.

-Priyanka Choudhary

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Their Present can be Our Future..........

Well everybody knows today's scenario. What all the horrible conditions our grandparents facing, we all know. When we need our grandparents for help, we say Dadu you are so sweet please do this please do that. But when it comes to us, we easily escape from our duty. If they do their best for our better living then why can’t we help them? Earlier there was no law against the children who treat rudely or badly with their grand parents. But today situation is different. Today the sons and daughters who ill-treat their old parents or fail to provide for their needs would not get away lightly any longer. Now the judiciary has taken an important step towards welfare of grand parents. The Act declares their rights under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, especially so when their number is growing rapidly and if a judicial officer heading the concerned court (tribunal) finds that the children or relatives neglecting or refusing to take care or of old people in the family, then the court can directed them to pay maintenance up to Rs 10,000 per month in addition to be being penalized by a fine of Rs 5,000 and also a jail term of three months.
The Law says, "Parents or senior citizens who are unable to maintain themselves through their earnings or out of their own property may apply for maintenance from their adult children or relatives. The maintenance includes the provision for proper food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment."
So these laws must be followed by the parents. If they will not follow and will ill treat their parents then it’s for sure that in future they will also live the same life or i can say more hectic and painful life.